Travel Team


Player Bio


Danatello / Dan Knackroyd / Dangry / Daneurysm

Favourite on-track position?

Blocker (outside)

Why did you get involved with roller derby?

My friends were starting up a local team and I used to skate a bit so fancied a challenge.

The best thing about being a Cat is…

We are a lovely bunch! Friendly, laid back and fun!

Tell us about yourself

I am a festival and gig nut, and travel all over to photograph/review and work at them. I am also in a band called Captain Shitbeard and just like Garfield my favourite food is lasagne! I will argue that 90’s music is and always will be the best.

What would you say to someone thinking of starting roller derby?

Go for it! You will make friends, have loads of fun and keep fit. I wouldn’t still be doing it since 2009 if it wasn’t!